July 20, 2015: Show & Tell

2015July1  C.J. Lori shows her work

2015July2  Marsha Odabashian shows her website

2015July3  Elaine Alibrandi shows her work

The group gathered for a show and tell meeting from 7 – 9 PM at Galatea Fine Arts, 460 Harrison St., Boston (Thank you C. J. Lori for lining up the space.)

Attendance: Elaine Alibrandi, Louise Farrell, C. M. Judge, C. J. Lori, Marsha Odabashian, Cecilia (Cis) Rossey, Elsa Voelcker, Jennifer Weigel

Northeast Region Chair (previously Vice President of Organizational Outreach and Northeast Region): C. M. Judge
Boston Chapter Secretary: Jennifer Weigel
Needed board positions (for chapter to be official): President & Treasurer

Meeting Synopsis:

C. M. Judge opened the meeting as the Northeast Region Chair to speak about the recent national conference in New Hampshire and about the national direction. The Boston chapter will be reinventing itself and should not be presumed to have the same focus it had in the past. The new focus of the Boston chapter will be more on support & quality of experience to build and strengthen connections between members rather recruiting and growing the chapter in a broad manner. The new national model is that artists can break into smaller groups or pods based on interests and location, and then those pods can convene and work together in larger groups for larger scale events and gatherings.

The following artists each shared something as part of a show and tell session as noted:
Elaine Alibrandi: Upheaval, mixed media with aluminum foil sculpture on canvas with gesso, acrylic and stones
Cecilia Rossey: Sensing Loss, additive/reductive linocut monoprinting series, 1/1 in color
C. J. Lori: Among Evening Oaks, oil on canvas
Elsa Voelcker: Flirting Peony & Luscious Amaryllis, color floral photography
Louise Farrell: two clay vessels with copper
Jennifer Weigel: essay for the upcoming AIR feminism show
Marsha Odabashian: website, focusing on the Expunge Series about the Armenian genocide (Blood Never Lies & Reliquaries)
C. M. Judge will email a link to one of her video works so each of those in attendance can check it out.
Thoughts were shared regarding artistic process, tips on how to shoot photographs of 3-D wall hung works, networking and looking into gallery representation by building relationships, social media, working methods (whether one has specific drive and focus or whether one works in a wide range), juried shows, whether men should be allowed to enter national WCA exhibits, and how to approach difficult topics like genocide to depict resilience and strength in addition to victimization and vulnerability.


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