October 9, 2015: Visaural reception

2015October  At the Diesel Cafe

The group gathered at the Visaural reception from 6 – 8 PM at the Nave Annex, show curated by Karen Gutfreund & Sherri Cornett. Joanna Ruggiero attended the reception early but was unable to stay for the meeting after and missed meeting later arriving members. After the reception, the group reconvened at Diesel Cafe for a brief meeting.

Attendance: C.M. Judge, Jennifer Weigel, C.J. Lori, Elaine Alibrandi, Anne Johnstone & Jonathan Stangroom.

The current board positions include:
President: C.M. Judge
Treasurer/Membership: Joanna Ruggiero
Secretary: Jennifer Weigel

Needed board positions / roles include:
Exhibitions Chair
Vice President (assistant to the President, not necessarily successor to the President)
Social Media / Publicity (or some format in which events can be noted and promoted)

Meeting Synopsis:

The By Laws have been submitted to the national organization and are pending approval.

Further considering planning shows: exhibitions will feature the breadth of current development in members’ works rather than thematic focus to reinforce the connectivity of the group in fostering personal development & growth.

The next WCA gathering will take place at the Beyond the Book reception from 11 – 1 PM on Nov. 21 with a meeting afterwards from 1 – 2 PM at the Faneuil Branch, Boston Public Library.


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