January 24, 2016: Show & Tell


Our January meeting brought an intimate and lively sharing of artworks, nibbles & noshes, and ideas…  Members each brought work(s) to share and got a feeling for one another’s artistic practices.  We started off the gathering by sharing something new and good that has happened since our last meeting.

Attendance: C.M. Judge (President), Jennifer Weigel (Secretary), Elaine Alibrandi, Dominique Boutaud, Louise Farrell, Amy Kaufman, Ronni Komarow, CJ Lori, Ruth Nelson, Marsha Odabashian, Sue Norton Poplin, Dahlia Raz, Paula Rendino

Needed roles include: Vice President, Exhibitions (chair and committee), Social Media/Publicity

Meeting Synopsis:

This meeting focused on the need for members to take on active roles in exhibitions and to develop plans for future shows.  A chair is being sought; C.M. Judge noted that she would like to see someone fill this position because it creates a direct benefit for them in networking and navigating the Boston art scene, not out of a sense of duty.

The group is working to develop a show proposal and then plans to approach venues.  Some themes discussed include: resilience, transcendence, cycles, relationship, echoes, and something simpler that offers opportunity for complex exploration in many directions (like a color themed exhibit, perhaps a play on “it’s not easy being green”).

Amy Kaufman created a Facebook page to showcase and feature members’ art & events which is still in development but can be found here.  https://www.facebook.com/WCA-Boston-910374742373025/

The next meeting will take place on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at noon at the same location (a member’s home) with an Art Share and Potluck of Nibbles & Noshes so we can get a stronger feel for one anothers’ works and further develop direction for exhibitions.  Since this is a private home, please contact a WCA board member or administrator for more information if you would like to attend.


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