March 12, 2016: Show & Tell

Our March meeting continued the January sharing of artworks, nibbles & noshes, and ideas…  The meeting again included opportunity for everyone to share something good that happened since the last meeting in January. Everyone shared an artwork or series for input and to continue to foster a sense of familiarity with one another’s work to inform show plans and directions.

Attendance: C.M. Judge (President), Jennifer Weigel (Secretary), Paula Rendino (Treasurer), Dominique Boutaud, Amy Kaufman, Ruth Nelson, Karen Bray

Meeting Synopsis:

The meeting began with the President’s report and news that the chapter has received startup funds from the national organization and memberships from 16+ members (both through local and national). Paula Rendino has stepped up to the Treasurer position in Joanna Ruggiero’s stead.

CM Judge put forth a call for a Northeast regional representative to serve on the national board. She also noted the need to follow up on exhibitions soon but hesitated to make any decisions during the meeting with so many members who were planning to be involved in this absent from this meeting. The group plans to work up some rough proposals based upon the previously discussed themes, perhaps pairing off and/or teaming up to do so and break up the workload.

Upcoming show and networking opportunities were noted including the traveling Women & Money Project that Liz Dodson is coordinating through Minneapolis and the New Hampshire artist trading card project.

The next meeting will be in May TBD and will be a gathering at the Fuller Craft Museum, 455 Oak Street, Brockton, MA to see The Faces of Politics show, opening May 7. Future meetings planned for about a six week schedule will likely include a day trip to New Seabury on the Cape in June, a gathering at ICA, DeCordova or the Danforth Museum later in the summer, and a visit to the Fitchburg Art Museum & Andres Sculpture Institute in September or October.

Member news needs to be sent to President C.M. Judge by March 25th for inclusion in the April e-newsletter.


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