June 30, 2016: ICA

Our June 30 meeting was an informal gathering at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston to see the Liz Deschenes and Nalini Malani shows and enjoy the kickoff of the Harbor Sounds collaboration with Berklee College of Music with live music outside on the deck.

Attendance: C.M. Judge (President), Jennifer Weigel (Secretary), Elaine Alibrandi, Angela Kelly, C.J. Lori, and Tara Marvel; later arrivals included Dominique Boutaud, Helga Fellenstein and one other

Needed roles: Exhibitions Chair and committee; Regional Northeast Chair (in national organization)

Meeting synopsis:

President C.M. Judge reported the need for a liaison to national Regional Northeast Chair; duties include attending two board meetings per year nationally (one during the national conference, which is next upcoming in Feb. 15 – 18 in NYC in conjunction with the CAA conference).  Locally, we are in need of an Exhibitions Chair and committee and need to fill these positions as soon as possible so the group can start planning shows and pursuing exhibitions.

C.M. Judge wrote up an exhibition concept for Echoes, which will be fleshed out with member images.  Elaine Alibrandi offered to receive digital images to integrate into the proposal and will present it to the Trustman Gallery at Simmons while working with them on her show.

Treasurer Paula Rendino was unable to attend; C.M. Judge reported that the finances are in order on her behalf.  Secretary Jennifer Weigel reported that information on the gathering at Fuller Craft Museum can be found on the blog.

Although Amy Kaufman’s hospitality is appreciated in generously offering to host a summer gathering on the Cape, the group has decided to postpone this as this summer is not the opportune time and is getting away from us.  An August meeting is in the works, location and time to be determined.  Jennifer Weigel invited everyone to attend her closing reception on September 29 at YWCA Cambridge so that members can become familiar with the space, since it has been advertised in the member news under opportunities and others may be more interested in being involved upon seeing it.  A fall / winter meeting will take place at Elaine Alibrandi’s show reception on November 17 at the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College in November.


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