Aug. 20, 2016: Art Share at Galatea


Our Aug. 22 meeting was an informal art share and gathering at Galatea; thank you to CJ Lori for hosting us.

Attendance: CM Judge (President), Jennifer Weigel (Secretary), Elaine Alibrandi, CJ Lori, Tara Marvel, Dominique Boutaud, Marsha Odabashian

Needed roles:Elections coming up in October!  We need someone to step up as President and a Regional Northeast Chair (in national organization).

Meeting synopsis:

The group met at Galatea for an art share. The meeting began with introductions and everyone sharing something good that happened since the last meeting.

CM Judge thanked the current board for serving for the year and reminded the group that elections will come in October. She reminded everyone of the need for a regional representative to serve on the national board and of the upcoming NYC conference from Feb. 15 – 18, 2017.

There are vacancies to fill with the October elections if the group is to continue. CM Judge will be stepping down as President, though she will continue to work on the newsletter. Paula Rendino will not continue to serve as Treasurer; Elaine Alibrandi agreed to take this position on, officially starting with the new term in October. Marsha Odabashian stepped up to the Exhibitions Chair position. Jennifer Weigel will continue to serve as Secretary.

As follow up on exhibitions and the Echoes proposal, Elaine Alibrandi noted that she has 13 images so far, from 4 artists (CJ Lori, Angela Kelly, Jennifer Weigel & herself). CM Judge will send out an email to the group specifically requesting images. Marsha Odabashian & Elaine Alibrandi will work on writing up a concise statement and proposal to be reviewed by CJ Lori & Jennifer Weigel. The aim is to finish the proposal by Sept. 2016 and propose it to Trustman Gallery, Concord Art Association, Belmont, Cape Cod and/or more… The group will also keep a lookout for the curatorial calls at New Art Center & Nave Annex.

A list of members’ emails and websites will be made available to members so that individuals can connect and follow up with one another. The next meeting will take place at Jennifer Weigel’s YWCA Cambridge reception on Sept. 29. The following meeting will take place at Elaine Alibrandi’s reception at Trustman Gallery of Simmons College on Nov. 17.

We shared artworks and nibbles and Elaine Alibrandi, Dominique Boutaud, CM Judge, Tara Marvel & Jennifer Weigel went for dinner afterwards at Myers & Chang.


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