Sept. 29, 2016: YWCA Cambridge

myself_photobychrisbobelJennifer Weigel at her reception

The September meeting took place at YWCA Cambridge before Jennifer Weigel’s Worlds Within show reception on Sept. 29 to offer members an opportunity to meet YWCA staff and get a feel for the exhibition space.

Attendance: Jennifer Weigel (Secretary), Elaine Alibrandi (Treasurer), Marsha Odabashian (Exhibitions Chair), Vicki Denby, Sue Elfin, Ronni Komarow, Ruth Nelson, Robin Okun, Michela West

CM Judge is officially stepping down as President but will continue to serve as Newsletter Editor. She forwarded the agenda for the meeting. Voting for the new Board is to take place between this meeting and the next gathering at Elaine Alibrandi’s show.

Secretary Jennifer Weigel led the meeting. The meeting began with everyone introducing themselves and sharing something good that has happened.

National dues are increasing by $10 to $50, effective Jan. 1, 2017. Those who renew in 2016 for 2017 can renew at the current 2016 rates. Lifetime membership will go up from $500 to $750 at the beginning of 2018. A letter detailing these increases was sent out to Chapter Presidents and shared as part of the agenda at the meeting.

Elections will take place in October. Positions are currently uncontested; it is anticipated the Board will be elected as written. It is imperative that someone step into the Presidency for the Boston chapter to continue. This position can be cooperative with two members serving together. It was voiced that it would be easier to recruit a member to serve in the role if it were spelled out exactly what is entailed.

Exhibitions Chair Marsha Odabashian & Treasurer Elaine Alibrandi met to work on the proposal for the Echoes show and will be getting together with Marsha Santiore & Laura Morrison next week for assistance with preparing the document for submission to the aforementioned galleries. Ruth Nelson voiced interest in helping with the proposal.

The next meeting will take place after Elaine Alibrandi’s reception at Trustman Gallery of Simmons College on Nov. 17; CJ Lori will be showing at 360 Longwood near Simmons College at around the same time.


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