Nov. 17, 2016: Simmons College

marsharuth2016-11President Marsha Odabashian and Vice President Ruth Nelson

The November meeting happened in conjunction with Elaine Alibrandi’s exhibition, Undertow, at the Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons College on Thursday, November 17th. Elaine gave a short artist talk and poetry reading during her reception and the meeting followed in the Common Grounds first floor lounge/coffee area.

We jumped right into business getting a late start and discussed the need to resolve the Presidency or disband. C.M. stated that the duties of President are not mammoth but involve holding the group in mind. She also voiced that the vision for the group is to go deep rather than broad and to share leadership with evolving participation on the Board.

Marsha Odabashian agreed to serve as President with Ronni Komarow & C.J. Lori taking over Exhibitions. Ruth Nelson will serve as Vice President. Elaine Alibrandi will serve as Treasurer and Jennifer Weigel as Secretary. The Board was elected without opposition.

The group considered the possibility of creating some sort of sponsorship opportunities for younger women, students and those with economic hardship by paying their member dues with those individuals volunteering on various tasks like secretarial duties, social media, exhibitions, archiving and more, perhaps even creating for-credit internships or advising students on how to develop an independent study.

Then-Exhibitions Chair (Now-President) Marsha Odabashian, Treasurer Elaine Alibrandi and (Now-Vice President) Ruth Nelson met with Marsha Santiore & Laura Morrison for advice with preparing the Echoes show proposal and will be working with C.J. Lori  and Ronni Komarow to secure a venue and date.  The chapter is seen as rebirthing, with the previous chapter’s momentum and networking being of assistance in this.

The next meeting location and time will be determined by President Marsha Odabashian. The 10th annual Beyond the Book show at the Faneuil & Brighton libraries is in consideration, as is an art share at Galatea. Some members voiced that they would prefer to meet during the day rather than in the evening.


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